There is now a train that departs from China and travels direct to London. The new service started from January 2017, from Zhengzhou through to Hambury germany, with movement then by road to various European destination.

The service is operated by China railway, who have been operating a service to Madrid and Hamburg, and now have extended the service to most of Europe as of January 2017.

For the United Kingdom, Barking, Essex will be the first origin point of arrival.

The train service travel over 12,000 miles and is expected to operate a 14 days service to Hamburg, with then a truck system in place to Barking Essex taking a further 4 days to arrival. We can report that currently due to Christmas and China new year on the horizon the service is operating some 18 days into hamburg with additional 4 days to arrival UK. However, like all new services a little teething problems are likely to occur but we are fully confident that the service to be fully on schedule after China New year, giving UK clients an alternative to OCEAN / AIR services.

Please contact your local AAI office to find out more information on the Railway service.

The train service travel over 12,000 miles

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