Chinese New Year 2021 falls on February 12th the holiday may only last 7 days on the calendar, but the disruption it causes in manufacturing could last up to 40 days!

It’s very common for factory workers in China to work until Chinese New Year to receive their end of the year bonus, then go home and never return to the factory! CNY 2021 Factory Shutdowns will be worse because of Covid | Titoma

This year, with life almost back to normal across large swathes of the country, the number of trips made is expected to increase to 1.7bn Chinese New Year: Chinese New Year: Clamping down on going home for the holidays BBC News

Clamping down on going home for the holidays BBC News At this stage, shipping before Chinese New Year is proving to be a challenge even if we get space on the vessel, the equipment is available, and the factory is still open and ready to send a shortage of truckers means we are struggling to transport the container to your supplier!

There is hope of more stability after Chinese New Year as aggressive repositioning of empty containers to China comes to fruition. Chinese New Year period could prove to be a turning point for container availability Container shortage Chinese New Year set to be a turning point (

Closer to home, Brexit continues to dominate the shipping headlines with suspension of services across the industry. DB Schenker, DHL Express and DPD - Europe’s largest network for collating and distributing palletised goods - has informed customers it won’t accept consignments for the EU via its portal for 7 days Palletways the latest operator to suspend its UK-EU road services - The Loadstar

Troubled waters: another loss at sea reminds us of the importance of insuring. The Maersk Essen was midway across the Pacific Ocean when it lost 750 containers on January 16. As well as the containers lost overboard during the storm, many have collapsed and been damaged and will need to be removed and repositioned. At AAI we offer comprehensive coverage, contact us for further information 750 boxes fall off Maersk ship during another Pacific storm - Splash247

Importers were spared the worst impacts of the introduction of new low-sulphur fuel regulations last year due to a collapse in the price of oil following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. But as the economic recovery continues and demand for oil returns, alongside cuts by major oil producing countries such as Saudi Arabia, low-sulphur fuel surcharges are on the rise again Shippers warned to prepare for bunker surcharge increase - BIFA


AAI International Newport Ltd is run by Erica and Simon, who have 35 years of combined experience.

We specialise in ocean imports and offer a full range of services from door-door, to customs clearance and UK delivery - if your cargo is paid to UK port.

With high levels of customer service we are committed to excellence and will help guide you through these turbulent times.

With an extensive array of agents around the globe, as well as access to all major shipping lines, we will find the solution to your shipping needs.


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BIFA - Industry News

CDS Planned Downtime - Sat 27th Aug

As a result, you will not be able to submit declarations, or populate GMRs with CDS declaration references, during this time period: Saturday 27/08/2022 21:30 to 04:00 on Sunday 28/08/2022...

Motis FSA clearance facility at Dover to begin accepting inventory linked CDS import declarations for clearance

The process of creating inventory records (ACAs) and subsequent inventory linked declarations will remain the same as is currently in place for CHIEF. Inventory records can be created via the...

Preparing for CDS Exports - MUCRs and MRNs

The main lessons of implementing CDS in the import environment is the need to plan and implement the necessary changes as early as possible. These lessons need to be applied to the export...

Member Consultation: Driving Licence Flexibility For Alternatively-Fuelled Vehicles

The current licensing flexibility permits drivers to operate slightly heavier goods vans than the typical weight entitlement, in order to allow for the extra weight of a cleaner power system, for...

UK Trade Tariff: Updates to Volume 3 Released

The new version contains important information regarding: Updated Document Identifier fields of the table used to provide details of how an Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed (IPAFF)...

Transitioning To CDS - YouTube Tutorials

Further to our recent communications regarding CDS, HMRC has introduced a new series of videos to help you make declarations on the Customs Declarations Service. This series is a set of 9 videos on...

System downtime: NCTS affecting GVMS - 13 + 14 August

Dear Member As part of their on-going IT improvements, HMRC will be updating the following service: New Computerised Transit Service (NCTS) Please note: These will be individual 45 minute outages on...


The UK government has imposed a range of sanctions measures, including trade and financial sanctions, under The Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 (“the Russia Sanctions Regulations”). In...

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