With our global network in over 150 countries around the world, we provide our clients with local contacts for their movements to locations far beyond that of the UK.

With our partners integrated tracking portals, we can ensure our clients are kept aware of their shipment right up to point of final delivery overseas.

All our partners ensure movements are done utilising the major air and Ocean carriers of the world, ensure to our clients a level of service that they have come to expect.

Please contact you local office for further details and rates.

With warehouses throughout the UK, and worldwide locations, both Bonded and HMRC approved, we are well established to provide clients with a Unique and specialised service tailored to their every need.

Some of the services available:

  • Inventory management system
  • Full pick and pack / bar coding facilities
  • Unloading / re-loading
  • Repacking / palletising
  • Abnormal loads / crane option
  • Motor vehicles
  • Nationwide pallet system
  • Domestic trucking system with own dedicated vehicles
  • CFSP set up and management

Over many years AAI has developed its own tracking Inventory management Portals, each individually tailored to meet our clients specific needs and reporting formats.

All portals are able to be individually populated by clients and suppliers, with PDF and excel documents, and provide clients with a step by step awareness of the movements and individual orders from factory to final location.

All system in place have alert based technology, ensuring the latest information is available to our clients all of the time.

Our portals are web based system, hosted on specific servers located within the UK and Asia ensuring continuation of Information.

Some of the services available:

  • Product / SKU tracking, by movement/destination or through warehouse location
  • Of site documentation collator
  • Access by your own clients, showing visibility of their movements
  • Access by your own suppliers, showing visibility of their movements
  • Full online inventory management system

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